Our lovely soaps as beautiful sheep Baa's. Each unique, no 2 patterns ever the same.


Our current herd is:


Chocolate Orange Oaty Goats Milk Baa.

Our creamy gentle Goats Milk Soap recipe is rich with Cocoa

Butter & combined with Colloidal Oatmeal, Cocoa Powder,

Sweet Orange & Frankincense Essential Oils!

Chocolate Orange Bliss!! (not edible).


Garden Goats Milk Baa.

A real treat for hard working hands! 

Creamy gentle Goats Milk with Lavender, Rosemary,

Tea Tree Essential Oils combined with soothing Honey, 

Luxurious Plant Oils & Butters (palm free).


Sunny Soap Baa.

Double Coconut tropical fun!

Our Vegan Friendly classic recipe with its rich butters & plant oils

with added Coconut Water. Sprinkled with Marigold Petals & 

naturally coloured for just a touch of sunshine.


Irish Moss Soap Baa.

Irish Moss Seaweed is packed with antioxidants & minerals

 & gives a gentle exfoliating texture & a light sea scent to our

classic Vegan friendly cold process soap. Gently sprinkled with

Himalayan Pink Salt (unscented). Suitable for most skin types.


Aloe Oat & Maple Soap Baa.

Our Classic Vegan Friendly Cold Process Soap with

beautiful plant oils & butters enriched with

skin calming Aloe Vera & Colloidal Oatmeal (unscented).


Sheep Soap "Baa’s"

Soap Baa's

    Hand Made in Suffolk

    Summerhouse Aromatherapy Limited Company Number 12749293