Braintree Virtual Street Market

We have some amazing offers and deals for you all today.... And only for today. Not only are we doing 20% OFF nearly everything on our site with the code

“SHARE THE LOVE” we are also doing FREE delivery to those of you in Braintree

(within a 3 mile radius of Braintree Town Hall).

(Delivery will be either Sunday 31st May or Monday 1st June)

Please call 01440 783051 to make your purchase and get
(payment by debit or credit card only)
You can of course purchase via the website but you will have to pay the delivery charge of £3.00. You can still get the 20% OFF by using the code above at checkout
Please feel free to browse our online store or look at the amazing deals below

Exclusive Gift Boxes for The Virtual Street Market


(These are not on our website or available anywhere else. Phone Orders Only for these)

BRAND NEW IN...... The Bunnies have arrived!!!!!

Sweet Treat Gift Box

4 amazing Melbo Bath Oils, a large bag of Bath Salts (7 to choose from) and a pack of 6 simply delicious Hotel Chocolat Caramael City Bunnies!


Vegetarian Friendly Goats Milk Soap Gift Box Set with 3 different Soaps, a Soap Rack, Loofa and 4 of our amazing Melbo Bath Oils (Vegan Friendly)


(Includes free gift box)


(Includes free gift box)

All Washed Up....
Seaside & Spa Liquid Hand & Body Wash along with a bottle of Hand Sanitiser Gel. (all 300ml)


(Includes free gift box)

Vegan Friendly Soap Gift Box Set with 3 different Soaps from our Vegan Friendly range. Includes a Soap Rack, a Loofa, and a choice of 4 amazing Melbo Bath Oils. 

PLEASE NOTE: These are Limited Stock. When they are gone they are gone....

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